R.M.N. regia Cristian Mungiu – Primele recenzii din presa internațională

Cel mai recent film al regizorului Cristian Mungiu, R.M.N., a avut premiera mondială pe 21 mai, la Festivalul de Film de la Cannes.

La proiecție au participat Cristian Mungiu, actorii Marin Grigore, Judith State, Macrina Bârlădeanu, Orsolya Moldován și Maria Drăguș, directorul de imagine Tudor Vladimir Panduru, scenografa Simona Pădurețu, editorul Mircea Olteanu și producătorul Tudor Reu.

După încheierea proiecției, au apărut și primele recenzii în publicațiile internaționale:

‘This is a complex film, so replete with ideas that one might expect the aesthetics to be of lesser concern, but “R.M.N.” is almost absurdly handsome. Tudor Panduru’s photography makes superb use of a 2.39:1 extreme-widescreen aspect ratio that obviously flatters the starkly beautiful Transylvanian landscapes, but would be extravagant for the talkier interiors, were they not laid out with such such precise choreography, framing and attention to background action’ – Jessica Kiang în Variety
‘Pulling harder and harder at the tension between complex socioeconomic forces and the simple human emotions they inspire, “R.M.N.” masterfully spins an all too familiar migration narrative into an atavistic passion play about the antagonistic effects of globalization on the European Union (…) There’s a rare elegance to the way that Mungiu establishes the history of this place and its cultural divisions, and an ominousness to the way he anticipates its future…’ – David Ehrlich în IndieWire
‘This is a welcome, rational, but still hot-headed picture about aspects of European politics and prejudices not so often heard about, at least in the United States. The fresh, front-line perspectives about life in towns like this are provocative and keenly welcome, even as the film still possesses the calm, observant feel of all the director’s previous work. On top of that, Judith State is a very strong center who provides both the dramatic and emotional pivot for this fine and unexpected contemporary drama’ – Todd McCarthy în DEADLINE
‘It’s a densely written script that weaves together the backgrounds and beliefs of the characters and I likely missed some of these, but the skill with which it approaches the subject matter is easily recognizable. Ever the critical observer of socio-political issues, Mungiu writes with scholarly meticulousness and captures the rot of the human mind when it comes to questions of us/them. There’s a 20-min scene set at the local town hall towards the film’s end that shockingly reflects the spectrum of opinions on this subject. As one unbroken, static shot, it’s amazing how they pulled off such a dialogue-heavy scene this way, a breathtaking achievement in screenwriting and directing’ – Zhuo-Ning Su în AWARDSDAILY
‘Cristian Mungiu portrays all of  this with a deeply painful, mercilessly desolate realism. And so one catches oneself admiring the brilliance of the direction instead of paying attention to the well-known (hate) building blocks: Such a naturally choreographed crowd scene, especially in this detail, is absolutely remarkable – and at the same time paves the way for an astounding finale open to all sorts of interpretations… Conclusion: In his deeply pessimistic drama, Cristian Mungiu dissects the xenophobia of Romanian (and every other) society with ice-cold clarity’ – Christoph Petersen în FILMSTARTS
‘Mungiu has made a precise, frightening film about collective and individual fear in a disintegrating community. The economic and political connections that emerge are presented just as unprejudiced as the processes among the people who can tip from affection and helpfulness to violence and anger within seconds and back again. R.M.N. is a highly exciting, impressive film that is initially frustrating in its consequence, but it really keeps turning in your head’ – Michael Sennhauser în SENNHAUSER’S FILM BLOG
După premiera mondială de la Cannes, cel mai recent film al regizorului Cristian Mungiu va avea avanpremiera în România pe 2 iunie. La Sala Palatului, începând cu ora 19.00, veți putea urmări R.M.N. în prezența actorilor și a echipei.
Biletele pot fi achiziționate începând de astăzi prin rețeaua Eventbook, la agenția de bilete a Sălii Palatului și pe www.salapalatului.ro.

Din 3 iunie, filmul va rula în cinematografele din toată țara.

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